About Jessica Siemens

Jessica Siemens graduated from San Diego State University in 2010
with a Bachelors of Art in Painting.
She received two purchase awards and her paintings
are displayed on SDSU campus in their permanent collection.
After graduation, Jessica lived in Brooklyn, NY for four years while she sold her paintings to private collectors and through Axelle Fine Arts Gallery in Manhattan.

Jessica teaches beginning and advanced drawing, watercolor, acrylic and oil painting
at her studio off the 15 freeway & Miramar Road at:

The San Diego Music & Art Cooperative
9474 Black Mountain Road
San Diego, CA 92126

Jessica sells original landscape and surrealist paintings. She also works for commission to create family portraits and reproductions of master paintings.

If you a friend or family member are interested in taking private fine art lessons or would like to commission your own unique painting please email Jessica Siemens at jess@jessicasiemens.com

Salton Sea oil on canvas 12x9feet Jessica Siemens 2011

Salton Sea oil on canvas 12x9feet Jessica Siemens 2011

“I create paintings that reveal the unique beauty in the ordinary. Our Earth is filled with infinite mundane elements; rocks, leaves, pinecones etc. I observe each stone’s form and color to convey its unique qualities.

I start my paintings by taking photographs. Long walks replenish my energy, so I explore hiking trails. I notice countless patterns around me, repetitious veins in a leaf alongside a balanced disbursement of rocks. Through the lens of the camera, in a shallow depth of field, I capture rhythmic compositions.

Oil paint is the ideal medium because of its bold pigment and texture. Noticing the subtle color variations in, for example, a pile of rocks, I heighten each color so that it represents nature vibrantly. Oil is a tactile material that I manipulate. I like to experiment with the fluidity of oil paint. From the thickest consistency I apply impastos and through its spectrum of viscosity to oils thinnest, I splash, drip and layer paint into intricate textures.

I make large scale paintings so that my entire arms gesture can control the mark making while allowing paint to roll down the canvas. My subjects are representational but as you come closer to the canvas you get lost in explosions of abstract color layers balanced with thick brushstrokes.

These paintings are my meditations. I focus on simple subjects to discover their true character. I paint common place objects because I appreciate their abundant natural beauty and I want to share this perception with others.”

Jessica Siemens 2012